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Short-term vs. Long-term.

The title is very simple and quite straight-forward – ‘short term against long term’… But this is still one of those areas a person still finds him/herself challenged with and trapped by, at times, if not all the time. This must be the most challenging and yet crucial aspect to human development, the ability to differentiate between what is short-term and long-term.

This is one of the most sought after skills, the ability to distinguish and actually follow-suit on the short-term goals and the long-term ones; most especially by students… and this article will mainly focus on students. And just coming to the buzzing question at hand which you may ask yourself or which your friends may be asking themselves, hey, in fact the question WE ALL ASK OURSELVES: WHAT IS SHORT-TERM AND WHAT IS LONG-TERM?

Most of us have ourselves convinced and persuaded that the professions we want to see ourselves in, they which we are currently studying for, are our long-term goals, right. Well, I wouldn’t say “wrong”, maybe indeed you are right. It depends on YOU what you make of long-term and/or short-term.

For an example, the terror usually students encounter is that of weighing the quality time of studying and the significance of their other commitments by the side – like sporting, leadership and governance, and other social activities, on the other hand. And other examples: some may be making the attainment of highest grades in their modules short term and graduating cum laude their long term, like myself, right. And then some of the students just have SO MUCH to do and they, at times, become so confused. This just calls for ‘priorities-setting’. That’s it. You can party all you like but it will be at an expense of other things you could have done – to better equip and advance yourself in life. And I’m not saying you should be selfish and make everything about you okay, always have heart for other peoples’ interests as well!

It is better to start investing time in the things or activities that will not be detrimental to you in the future and your future and start shaping it today, even with your short term contributions.

Well knowing that you’ll live merrier for long and forever, it is better to suffer for a while. Ask me I say it’s worth it!

So start taking a very cautious and well-informed note of what is short term and what is long term to you. Of course to some short term may be friends or parties, casual relationships, casual clothing, sporting, leadership/governance etc. And of course to some long term may be studies, ‘connections’, political engagements, spiritual growth and wisdom etc.

And lastly, YOU and everybody should know that it is like this, and we can then borrow and use one of the economic principles and that of ‘trade-off’. Which simply states that, “the cost of something is what you will give up to get it.”

And that’s it. You can actually make it and make it work!

With Love, Nelson