Money: The Usefulness of Money and The Uselessness of it.

It is said, “money makes the world go round.” But, what if money weren’t there??

You may have heard of how “money is everything” and many others claiming that “money can’t buy happiness”. And others may say, “well, if money isn’t everything, then I would rather be unhappy and rich than to be unhappy and poor”. Which is pretty, honestly, better and mostly true. But my point, and the point I am coming at here, is that money is still not EVERYTHING!

T.L Osborn once said:

“in order to be more successful, identify a need, reach out to meet that need and, in so doing, you’ll be helping yourself to realise your own success.”

I wish to challenge a few number of people in a large audience, deliberately, by asking these couple of questions:

What if you were wealthy, so wealthy you had all the monies you’ve ever wanted and dreamt of, in fact, you were the richest, for that matter; what would you do with your wealth (or money)? Would you build your dream house, buy that car of your dreams and marry that high-profile wife you’ve always hoped for, and then have the children you’ve always wanted — with better opportunities and resources than you have had? Then, what would you do next? Would you go on vacations, occasionally, whenever (and however) you want, when it suits you? Would you travel the world, see places you always wanted to and the “wonders” of the world, or even see the different girls of other places and cultures and smoke the most expensive cigars, maybe at the most leveraged parties of people only of your caliber? Then next, what would you do? Would you then build for yourself [and your family] that ideal house you’ve always wanted as well and get so established? What next, then? Yeah, yeah, yeah…blah, blah, blah… Next, what then? That’s it?

Leverage living

I don’t care if you even owned the Antilla House and you were Mukesh Ambani, as long as you have put materials things ahead and in front of you so much that you thought the thought of helping others was a waste of time and capital resources you don’t shake me, even more so, you don’t matter, and I advise you to repent and change your ways!

First of all, it is very true that MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING, as many of us have come to believe (but not me necessarily:)). You can have so much but miss the most important things in life… I’m not advocating that money is bad and evil here, of course not, I’m not. But I need to get to the crux of the main subject at hand: the uselessness of money and its usefulness. I put first the uselessness part and then the usefulness after, delibaretely; because so many people are widely taken by the common belief that “money is everything” and “money is power”. And, on that note, I agree to some extent that money is very substantial and helps a lot having it. But that’s all it is. Yes I say MONEY IS A GREAT SUBSTANCE FOR BETTER LIFE-LIVING BUT NOT NECESSARILY THE REPLACEMENT OF THE HUMAN EFFORTS AND TLC (Tender, Love and Care). And of which we need most and more of these in our unstable societies – human efforts and TLC!

“With money you are able to have a greater impact and influence, which is true, but if you are neglecting this as your solemn responsibility, to help others who are more in need – who are less empowered [as you are], and not advancing peoples’ lives with your monies and the knowledge you have, you are as well as expensive furniture: rich but doing nothing, given an “expensive” status and nothing more!”

The Perspective of Money: Most of us grew up with some very interesting doctrines  and we have been told and some, actually, taught that “money doesn’t grow on trees”,  and “it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven…”, “the love of money is the root of all evil” and etc. And so some, though they do want money so much, which is interesting because everybody wants money, they end settling with a mentality that ‘you will surely go to hell when you want so much money’ and they only want enough to make a living and sustain them. But the fact of the matter is that:

  1. it is not money that is evil but the love of it is the root of evil!
  2. the reason it is [more] hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom it’s not his wealth or monies, but the entanglement money has on him. He is enslaved to money.
  3. whether money grew on trees or not, there are actually many other ways so many people can have and make money while almost operating at rest, without necessarily having “qualifications”. Remember Bill Gates, the person who was “the richest in the world” (according to Forbes) for over a decade was a college drop out, and the person that followed him then, Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle computers was also a drop out and even the counterpart of Gates, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft was a drop out.

Many people do what they do in life to break FREE from the cycle of poverty at home. They do so to make  money, to achieve financial freedom – the ability to afford and buy, while receiving a residual income, I would say. It is good given the reasons why, right. But it’s not entirely just about that.

It is quite sad and very unfortunate how the financial background so many of us may be coming from have so much affected us and led us to believe that ‘so long as my family is out of it and no more for them that cycle of poverty, and I am able to change my family’s situation around, then I’m fine by it and it is definitely fine!’ But I would like to challenge a greater number of people, this time, from a very large audience that they (and we) always remember the needs of others and meet them as well. It is indeed for a greater course.  Not only are we being change makers and agents but we’re also given the opportunity to sparkle our lives with the joys of so many people and celebrate a better hope for all of us. Think like that, I urge you!

money makes the world go round

The Uselessness of Money…and its Usefulness: Now, therefore, if there is anything I wish you to take away is that, really, money is not that ALL… The Bible puts it this way, in Ecclesiastes 10:19, “money answers all things”? But it does not necessarily mean money IS all things…

We still need those helpful hands to benefit somehow the motherless children that have not had the opportunity to be held by their mothers after given birth to, we still need that voice you have, to speak and communicate the messages of hope, compassion and love. We still need that voice to say Prayers when the nation may seem to be going downturn  and when all ideas have been suggested and systems have been implemented but failed and failed. We still need that voice to teach! AND we still need your time! Now, the only way to make money seem useless is to give it to a person that will only, selfishly, use it for his/her interests and circulate it in his house (or family) alone; I call that person “a bit dim-sighted” and I pray they’ll be opened eyes and given vision.


Dolf  de Roos also said one time on an investment channel interview:


P.s. Maybe money may “give” long life but it’s not like money guarantees you “post-life” or life after death. Do something about it. Show you care and cause ripples of change; HAVE A GLOBAL IMPACT.

On that point, speaking about global impact, sometimes, you see, we try just a bit too hard and too much ‘to save the world and save everyone in it‘ and, in the process, losing ourselves… “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit (lose) his [own] soul?” This is from a Bible passage in Mark 8:36, and isn’t so true? So let us not find ourselves making such a sad mistake one can ever make – losing ourselves saving the world. I am so passionate about helping people, I believe it’s my calling, but at times even I fall into this dish and have to redefine my own course again and my goals.

It is a Prayer of my heart that God may give those of you that need money money and the value of it, in doing a good, great work with it in society – for the people.

I would like to thank God for this wisdom of writing and sharing this piece… Thank You, for being my audince. I Love you and God Bless.

Wealthy Regards



I am from Parys originally and now studying at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, Free State (South Africa). I am committed to making positive change in so many lives, having a global impact!
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