Success is in YOU! I will help you realise it.

I have been saying to my friends, “I will teach you one of the most powerful biblical principles”. In fact, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew this as well. And that is if you want to help others prosper and become as successful, “treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being”; so rightly Wolfgang put it.

Now, one of the reasons why I am writing this article it is rightfully to help someone and encourage them to realize that God intended for them to become successful at all cost and by all means alright. That is the truth you must believe and do as though your life depends on it, because it does; it depends on finding that purpose of God for your life.

And just coming back to this I consider to be one of the most POWERFUL principles, and which is that of talking others to their success realization. I would like to say first, YOU being wherever you are and being positioned in that position today – whether it be financially, academically or spiritually, in fact at ALL levels – God has an incredible plan, and I would personally call it a dream, for your life to become most successful and having a global impact.

It is true that God can do for us as people, His children and Sons (not necessarily by gender but by inheritance), beyond our ever wildest imagination simply, really, because He can. By His Grace. Whether you believe it or not God is real, and you’ll one day find out…

On that point about talking others to their ideal selves. I would just like to emphasise the power of just saying and talking words to people that will really mold them, and uplift their spirit and confidence; assuring them that they’re really astounding and amazing walking beings.

The way everything has been going in the whole world, definitely, indeed, we have long acknowledged that things need to change. And this will exactly help the process. And look at how simple we can change even the entire cause of the wolrd through the words we speak unto others when we are in conversations with them. For instance, if one would want to become some sort of prominent figure in a particular field, say that of business (the business field), and the way you just address the person you address and communicate with him in such a way as that which he so wishes to become. This is somehow not normal, you know, why because of the diseased stereotypes of only talking mediocrity, complacency and complaints all the time and all the negative. But I tell you. It is indeed POWERFUL to speak positively with others. Know this:

  • words carry force,
  • and words have spiritual significance

So watch your tongue carefully and ONLY let what is good and constructive come out of you.

In so many scriptures in the Bible (Word of God), it is shown there that when the disciples or Jesus, for an example, went on to the people, they did not go in mere words but by words with POWER – Power to completely revolutionise the cause of a man’s life, and heal, and enrich, and bless, and even restore people at ALL levels. That is amazing!

1 Thessalonians 1:5 .

Use your mouth to work together with God in constructing and asserting others of their plans and success in life. Let me ask YOU a question right now. Are you aware that by so doing – uplifting others with the Word of God and so much positivity – you will absolutely affect, not only their emotions and mindset right now, but their long-term outlook and even future generations yet to come — because you’ve persistently built people in the Power of God’s Word? You have SO MUCH influence to shape the whole globe and can God entrust you with this ministry unto others?

Allow me please to re-assure you fellow young people and everybody that it matters not who you are and where you’re from. God can use you in ways far beyond imaginable, only if you allow Him and believe this in your spirit as truth.

Success is in them, help them realize it. By all means this means so much to the making of future leaders and great men and women.

With Love and Honor, Nelson Sithole


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